Farm Name Makeover!

We've done a bit of restructuring, and TrueFields LLC is now the name of our cowshare operation only. The rest of our operations (beef, pork, chicken, eggs, etc) are still as healthy and natural as ever, and are known as Shady Grove Ranch. Please visit our other website at for current pricing and availability. In the mean time, we are currently filling spots on our cow-share program. Please give us a call for information on how to join!

Momma and baby headed back out to pasture.

Our Story

In the Spring of 2008 a Mechanical Engineer, a Materials Joining Engineer, and a Computer Programmer from Longview, TX began dreaming of a more meaningful lifestyle and wishing that there were a local farm nearby that provided healthy, naturally raised foods. After a few answered prayers and a lot of hard work, TrueFields LLC was born. With an opportunity of a lifetime before us, we are excited to bring you the best foods available!

The Team

Matt and Jerica Cadman

Matt and Jerica are both engineers educated at LeTourneau University. They married in 2006 and began pursuing healthier eating as a result of Matt's battle with ulcerative colitis (read more about his story at About two years into their marriage, their desire to farm and to educate others on what true nutrition is led to the idea of forming a company like TrueFields LLC. Now their dream is coming true, as they own and manage a farm in Jefferson, TX, and have begun to raise their family (the "farmin' army") there. They have a son who was born in April at the farm. Matt enjoys building things and solving problems (what engineers do best!), and loves helping others gain access to the food their bodies need so desperately. Jerica spends much of her time in research about nutrition and natural farming methods, and is the chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation in the Longview/Tyler area. Their favorite hobby is to spend a quiet evening at home in front of a fire or watching a movie.

Dave Wolff

Dave grew up in Central New York and overseas in Singapore. In 1997 he came to LeTourneau University in Longview, TX to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He graduated in 2001 and since has worked as a computer programmer with LeTourneau University. He loves to sing, play guitar, write songs, and enjoys working with the animals in the great outdoors.

Our Mission

TrueFields is dedicated to providing customers in the East Texas Region with quality foods that are naturally, humanely, and sustainably grown. That means delicious, healthy, and fresh food provided to you without added hormones, GMO products, artificial fertilizers, or pesticides.

Please direct questions, inquiries, and suggestions to